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real results. this in the sense. thank you very much for being with us. turkey is pressing on with its assault against the us ally kurdish forces in northeast syria the second day of action including ground operations support of i asterix. and artillery bombmbardment panicic civilians scrambling to safety is black smoke raise about a border town meanwhile in ankara threat from turkey's president to those of the questioning his move. especially the e. u. hey all
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about really hey european union can pull yourself together. login as root i'll say it again. busy metro if you try to label this operation as an invasion heidi kid did you needed and it's all very simple she was we will open the gates couple and send three point six million refugees your way. this is the- turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan that are already fees owed you humanitarian alert cicivilians have begun fleeing towns in northeast here that are being targeted by. t turkish extracts. turkrkish jets contine to pound northern syria with air strikes and artillery bombardment tens of thousands of civilians are fleeing. president trump born signed her to safeguard civilians as it needs to take out kurdish point is it considers terrorists. but a balm wants five does not discriminate between a soldier
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and a civilian and p plenty of them not to have found themselves in the firing line adam. inside in the morning we were hit with six or seven shells and now there are p peope you c cannot leaveve because thy don't have. the means of transportation some people are content than others do. at least nine civilians have been killed in northeast in syria. according to the syrian democratic forces. local media reports say at this hosting qamishli. eleven year old boy towing and his sister lost a leg. roads out to syria have been pacacked in at one point te border i into a raucousus close. hello when we came there about four lanes of calls in the rose out of one column is a long queue of cars as well. we arrived at the democratic union party check points and possible searches and people were getting hours without searches as well e each heading to a different destination like a a good. turkey aims to o carve o t a so called safe zone in northern syria. a slice of land reaching some thirty kilometers
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from its own border where it plans to house syrian refugees displaced by islamic state group. if it succeeds it will only do so having displaced. thousands more syrians fleeing in the other direction. the analysis bring in that come out of alarm. was a militia analyst and fellow of syria fast at the institute the state craft. thank you very m much for joinig us here on fronts. twenty four i'm gonna stop ask you it owed once position here is it tenable do you think given. the nature of these threatens me to europe over the migrants. i think they're t they're gonna is gonna face not a backlash even within turkey let alone the european union because he's taking a huge risk here. so a lot of pressure on him to me. because not just the same refugees but because of his interference incident a fast. service could backfire if it's a long protracted conflict. if there's no quick result which is extremely unlikely. there will be pressure on him because they're no good solutions for
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taking for this conflict indeed as you said he's a losing ground politically to which clinton might have motivated in some way the action that was seeing now. come ask about donald trump's position. he said it seemed quite squealed occurs in helping normandy referring to detain nineteen forty four. doesn't list underscore trump's basic. ignorance a misunderstanding of the world that we live in today. yes i think donald trump has no interest in syria from the beginning of his term. he's been arguing to leave syria just like he's been logging to leave afghanistan he doesn't. seem to think it's important for america to play a role. as far as information codes goes of course as we know it's going to be very limited whether he compares. or it draws an analogy to normandy ole even talk of something more preposterous but them. the basic consistency there has been an trumps the fences syria is not america's problem let someone else look after it.
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indeed when one wonders if trump is in charge of ninety forty four with the us are going to vote in the second world war one one once about that too but that's- another question. let's talk more about than turkey syria and the kurdish question now. can y you see a solution anywhere on the horizon can you see some way that this can be sold in. in in a peaceful manner. i think as has been the case so the last two three is eventually it will be the russians. who will perhaps come in and talk to ankara. and try to reason with them. are there only two solutions yeah one is that the turkish government needs to talk to the syrian government. and damascus. is going to be negotiating with the various kurdish groups and one. let's not forget there is syrian government presence. in parts of the northeast in places like commissioner sake. you have the syrian arab on the present that. so the only peaceful solution can be. taking talking to russia. and eventually they'll have to deal with the syrian government president nasa. should turkey stay in nato. should be kept in nato
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should be expelled from nato. well i think turkey is fundamental to nato's defense and the spy told the frictions the overall view. two in the us that with the us military still is the detection of the tree is important for nato everyone's using round in texas politics although on paper is still there for four years but i think turkey could change o once had the gun goes and turkey has been a reliable partner. the full but of course at the moment for the other guns increasingly hostile behavior. one does question the position techies and. thank you very much for joining us that can allow alarm from the assyrian fat as a- section of the institutee of statecraft thank you very much for your analysis in france twenty. next to close associates of donald trump's personal lawyer. i've been subpoenaed by the impeachment inquiry and arrrrested was tryig
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to leave the uniteted states. they are left upon us and igor freeman they face a full count indictment. but that includes charges of conspiracy making false statements to the federal election commission and falsification of records. it's alleged the man had key roles in rudy giuliani's efforts to launch a ukrainian corruption. tested cations against joe biden and his son hunter. it's enough from prosecuted jeffrey berman. as a lead in the indictment the defendants broke the law to gain political influence while avoiding disclosure of who is actually making the donations of where the money was coming from. they saw political influence. not only to advance their own financial interests but to advance the political interests of at least one foreign official. a ukrainian government official who saw the dismissal of the us ambassador to ukraine. is prosecuted jeffrey berman them. next chancellor angela merkel vowed this this they that would be at
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zero tolerance the hate in germanany after the attttempted massacre at a synagogue. issues demanded action to prprotect the community from the rising threat of neo *-*- violence. two people were shot dead the eastern germann city o of hala n wednesday with the synagogue prime target on yom kippur. the suspect twenty seveven year old german stefan a body at a film the salt and light streamed. across moment nick spice has more from. the from the lynn on how the investigation is not progressing. there's no indication that he had any kind of network authorities are being pretty tight lipped about what they may have found at this point. but i think it's clear to you know all our viewers there is a thriving. community online of right wingers that you can find by simply grabbing your mouse and then going on the internet it's all out there to be found and that is what he- found in the federal interior minister of course is a heart for reacting. to this attack in the presence of the leader of the jewish
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community they said that you know german you're just gonna have to get used to the government getting more involved in their online life is gonna be a tightrope walk if you will between security. and at liberty a and that t new stes to be taken any more personnel more money because the fact of the matter is there's been a doubling of anti semitic incidents year on year from over a year ago. in some parts of germany jewish men is that they don't feel safe wearing a kippa. and the head of the jewish community i was referring to earlier said it was an outrage that there was no policeman actually standing outside the synagogue which is really the norm here you'll usually find. a policeman standing outside of the synagogue but just to conclude the federal interior minister. said you know i think summing up the mood here inn g germany where many p people fear should feel shame and outrage the you know we have taken an oath which is never again. and they'll do everything. to make sure. that incidents like this do not happen again. thanks bye
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saw course one of that in berlin. european lawmakers voted overwhelmingly against approving the candidacy of somebody glow she's the french president emmanuel backgrounds choice to join t the european commission as a top offfficial. rejectction is a major blow for micro make any influence and post breaks in european union a key priority as long domominance of germany's chancellor angela merkel starts to wane step back out landed on the e same day tht my cononcept projections uses stability budget for the year is on the single currency y bloc was. watereded down dramaticall. you're better kathy nicholson has this. if you're really early on in the process before the actual questionings the grilling. the bass rejects it just on the basis of documents that they submitted i am to do with again conflict of interest concerns as so you use eight days rejections happenedd already the romanian a socialist the hungarian european people's party say that's one reason why this rejection of google out he's
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from the centrist verne you grape of emmanuel michael is being seen as some kind of political retaliation a sense of the p. p. in the socialists were gonna. be trying to get one back i am but they still say you got to come back even fufurther in history the europen people's policy as being really cross with a manual mike home because they see him as being the person who shot down then man full commission president sort of on the line was very much a as sort of a late in said since this commission president game the atp. hadad reading strongly gunning for an any people behind veda a senior german any pay he's been leading them in parliament for the last five years at a minimum michael wasn't having any of it so i really that's the sense that the e. p. p. have been sort of sniffing around some blood since then and just generally any pieces well wanting to say that they as a parliament. have some heft because they feel that the heads of state of the individual member states are trying to have too much say on there right in this they keep saying look we the ones i write a lexus baldy in the european.
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union we are going to flex whatever muscles we can. next indigenous groups in ecuador seized eight police offices amid protests of a fuel price hikes. officials say so far five people have been killed including. an indigenous leader the uniformed officers including the woman. was seized during a tense standoff with capital keto they'll put on display before angry crowd. the capital's house of culture. indigenous groups taking part in the protest account than. protests against austerity measures imposed by president. nineteen marino that a link to a full point two billion. dollar bailout. to exclude from the international monetary fund. on your own police used tear gas against protesters who were demanding the resignation of the president juan orlando hernandez in tegucigalpa. this is hours of march by thousands of supporters the clash comes after the a u. s. prosecutors allege last week that hernandez took millions in bribes from
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drug lords including the gel mexican kingpin. joaquin el chapo guzman during the trial for hernandez his brother about the finals protest is gathered. to could you help is central park shouting slogans against the president. dozens of police. officers arrive and try to force them to discuss. iranian women have been allowed to attend a football stadium and support the country's national soccer team for the first time in forty years this the stick. the change in policy by the iranian government came out for young woman sent us off the light and died after being arrested for trying to go to a match. so how could he already has been dubbed blue go. well fifa sent a delegation to tehran for the world cup qualifier against cambodia to check the women. were allowed to attend on the pitch around one fourteen mill. the real story. that was in the stands. of course whenever the site was that. the one in women in history tonight was sometething they've waited for more than
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forty years. more than three thousand five hundred women walked in the tap runs oz eddie stadium to watch a men's football match specifically the ronnie in men's national team something that hasn't happened. since before the nineteen seventy nine revolution the match kicked off at five pm almost immediately. there was a tremendous buzz online with people posting videos of the women in attendance. one woman said she was so excited her body was shaking another woman shedding tears of joy many of the women. cheering and wearing red green and white the national colors. of iran the match was not without incident one video clip short showed security forces. apparently trying to arrest a woman who was honoring the so called blue girl the blue girl of course i had a hotel you already. the young woman who set herself on fire last month and died. after reportedly being arresested forr trying to sneak intoo a men's
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match it was after that incident that fifa officials went to your body to thought ease. and matt did. they let women in the final score iran fourteen cambodia's zero but the big story women it tended to commands football. match for the first time in more than forty years. fourteen along the picture as a side that the real story women in the staff the first time in forty years. still not let his business you suffer that i'm pleased to announce stephen carroll is with us getting to use a study with the latest talks between the us and china on that trade. dispspute import disputed is sue is that two sides back around the table trying to work i some deal to end or ease the fifteen month long trade battle between the world's two biggest economies. president trump announcing that he'll meese china's vice president you had a on friday that's raising hopes that some sort of agreement could be in the works the last three times these two men mass in the oval office positive steps in the talks
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followed so i've just follow that one closely. on thursday you have a match with the us trade representative robert lot tizer on treasury stacked secretary stephen munition. that both the us and china working to avoid an increase in tariffs on two hundred and fifty billion dollars worth of chinesese. goods sat to come ino force next week. the markets took some cheer from news of that meeting on friday traders viewing. the trump meeting is rereason to believe that some sort of deal perhaps a partial deal could be done to avoid those tired hikikes. almost ratd helplp to boost chairs across te main interface but the us markets are still lower than they were at the startrt of the week trade worries driving much of dot movemenent to that's the closing picture on wall street earlier in your- the tweet from donald trump came just in time to spare a riley. before markets finished up today's trading that part is kinda around to finishing up one and a quarter percent. the chief executive of renault has described moves to ask him from the french carmaker as a worrying too. terrible i was
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speaking to the french newspaper it lays a co head of a board meeting on friday that's according to reports. expected to discuss his future. mister potter i was appointed ceo after the previous boss carlos ghosn was arrested on charges of financial misconduct. hello i says that attempts to remove him are brutal and totally unexpected. news coming just days after new ceo was picked f for rentals papartner nissan. staying in france the tire maker michelin eyes closing a factory in the west of the e country witith the loss of f more thahan six hundrd jobs. just last month the company had warns that four of its fifteen french plants were underperforming. my son says that the factories in france and western europe generally are struggling to compete. yeah early reports. scenes outside emission entire factory in the west ron. management at the whole show you on not the site
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will close next year putting more than six hundred jobs on the line. mission and have pledged to find the employees new jobs in one of the fourteen other factories across the front. but union representatives the worried they'll be more closure. we fear thatt in the years to cocoe there will l be no more me slot factories at all in france. they wilill just be a a nice lie poster over at the headquarters with the words. welcome toto mutual. the world's second biggest thai companies struggling with competition from cheaper asian brands. the mission and made one point seven billion euros and profit from twenty eighteen it was a slight decline from the previous year. the company said that mid range products are too expensive to make in countries with high labor costs. if it's within our show your own does not have a competitive edge when it comes to making these producucts. nor do any of ouour factories in western europe. or any of our competitors factories either in my senior. missions me voss flow home then
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a guy wants the iconic french brand to remain focused on high end products instead. the four levels show you on the tire giant already announced plans to close costly plants in germany and scotland. the bridge is engineering firm dyson has scrapped plans to sell electric cars the company's founder james dyson told stopped by email that they had developed a fantastic electric v vehicle but it wasn't commercial viable.e. dyson best known for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers had launched the project to develop an electric car in twenty sixteen more than five hundred people worked on the project in the u. k. and singapore. the billionaire inventor is that he'd been unable to find a buyer force. finally for me the company behind the g game exploding kittens is facing a an explosion of it's very own. the game rosose to prominence for a record breaking crowd funding campaign in twewenty fifteen raising almost nine million dollars. now the company has sold a thirty million dollar minority stake to the median faster turning group. the walall street journal says it's
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planning a major expansion three new games a year. the new invevestors thing the card game could be fodder for tv shows a movie. or even a theme park rides i have no idea how theme park ride of exploding kittens would work but i would be very keen to find us. thank you very much it d. sticking with the business and the exploding kittens. . another mediawatch objects joins us on the other side of the studio good evening to you now i start to look at the at reactions to the turkish. offensive into syria now of course into its second day. yes and a cruise in times the chaos of war fat it's often photographs that tell the best stories at in these particular events. official clipped a little cinnamon who works for a f. p. the axles from express. has been documenting the flight of the kurdish people at between sixty and a hundred thousand people are believed to have fled their homes already. as a result of operation well the turkish. president because it operation peace spring
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doesn't seem to be an awful lot at's peaceful accounts and you can see. the distress etched on these people's faces back facing a very very uncertain future. i'm not another key concern a sign from the risk o of genocide is what happens. what is the possible fate of all the isis fighters have been held in prison find the cuts out for the last few years. donald trump the us president tests to allay some fears about a by tweeting about it saying. in case because tacky lose control the united states has already taken the two isis militants. tied to beheadings in syria known as the beatles thought it think it's just to have been carrying out. heading so i'm not sure how much people will feel safer the idea that they've been taken to a secure location there are many more who. made and. the story is business
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insideder which agaiain. yes and children all five days isis fighters they speaking to an unnamed nato official. and he says we know that posting something but the resources to stop themm just aren't available. and they also spoken to form a fisa at who was a member of isis is no longer. he says that prisoners have maintained contact with the leadership of isis throughout bearing cost the rations. using telegram and what's happened to you contact with. he says these are very careful people they will have planned to attack at the perfect time. and will have trucks and guns waiting for the man n that they freeze so. very chilling stuff that because that is one of the main concerns what will happen. to these people who we know radicalized who we know are dangerous. and cute and up. being able to. emancipate themselves. during this incursion by tacky. at a lot of people talking. really it's a propaganda war fat help that
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right now the husband deaths on both sides. a word of warning if you are looking at out the hash tags relating to this. both sides of publishing photographs of dead children. it depends. and says there's no amount of orwellian language operation peace spring safe zone consignment times will dispense it actually is at this present thank kurdish blood is in the hands of every isolationist democrarat orr republicican this is w what youl hands of syria and u.. s. actually cereal prices have gotten us. because he. nasdaq could issue genocide that's a story course continues and will continue for the foreseeable future as we know it now then are the rugby world cup complete change of tone here taking place and you can turn into some kind of turmoil because two key matches just
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been canceled because of the typhoon that's sweeping in yes absolutely it is unprecedented but there weren't too many solutions to harm for the organizes it is the first time in the tournament's history the world cup matches have been counseled. and they include look crunch as they like to quit here in france england passes from until say new zealand fast is actually a question mark remains over sunday's fixture because we're not sure whether the type you will already upholstery within scotland basses japan the host nation i'm not it is a must have for debate how much this is going to help both england and france the times of london saying that to the cancellation helps england's but the world cup is in danger of becoming a font of course for the play is it means. less risk of injury one game fewer less risk as well live. of being disciplined get yellow or red all the kids before. whether or not they're available for the next game. and so a lot of people feeling that some people have done very well out of all this. not everyone there italy's captain
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sergio parisse say has been the most vociferous. very angry that italy will not get to play against the sealant. he said sure everyone might think that it leave us of new zealand being council counts for nothing. because we have lost anyway but we deserve to be respected as a team and it's fair enough he is the captain of italy. he's played a hundred anand forty two games for the is yuri. and he basically has set the world that rugby has been. basically favoring the biggest he- at new zealand earned. to add insult to injury it's what should have been his very lost game captioning it's made his one hundred forty fat. because he's announced that he's used to end his international career and it is a very very sad way for him to. bow out. and this person saying safety is paramount always but perry say is so right and what he's saying. although one likely italy could still have qualified. another support of his saying he's a true icon of the modern game he is and always has been one of the best plans on any given pitch feel for him does after. all some
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sendoff. at now because the other big question mark is scotland because scotland could go out cut to see all of the web that this person's i. school in specializes in disappointing compact it. if we knocked out by nature we can just tell everyone we would have won the cup. interesting note to get this hot spot can perspective a little bit the japan japanese number two short of corey. has said that he is not she worrieded about whether or not the typhoon is going to hit his home and not does. rather put it back in perspective of two it is just a game on people's lives and homes are very much. risk into. these and that's what we do for matt one of if it's wrong playing.
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10/10/19 10/10/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, , this is democracy now! >> we send a message to the whole world again. we will not target turkey, but they insist on attacking us and we will defend o ourselves into the last drop of blood. we are readydy to face any kindf attack. amy: is turkey lodge is a g grod and air assault t on northern syria, the k kurdish populatn


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